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Re: would she get teased? (baby name question)

Kids get teased when they are unpopular whether they choose to tease them about their name, their clothes, or whatever. It has more to do with popularity and peers than with names. When I was in elementary school I was unpopular. I got teased for being smart, for being a teacher's pet, for being poor, and for having a backwoodsy name (Mary Jane). Then in high school I was in a different town and school and more popular and my name was considered to be very cool. If I can be teased for having two of the most common names on earth Mary and Jane then I highly doubt that the name really has anything at all to do with teasing. They can come up with something mean regardless of what your name is if that's what they want to do. So name your child what you want to and the teach them to be confident and self-assured.
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