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Re: Am a horrible person for not being thrilled about being pregnant?

You are definitely not a horrible person. I know exactly how you feel. I became pregnant with this baby when my DD was 8 months old. I was nursing her too and prepared to nurse her for as long as she wanted. But she was already weaning herself off by that point. She had decided around 6 months that she wanted to start eating like mommy and daddy. If she saw her father eating while I was nursing her she would refuse to nurse anymore and just stare at whatever he was eating. It was rather interesting.

But I digress. I had wanted to wait at least a year after having my daughter to try and conceive again, but life had other plans for us. I was even on birth control but became pregnant anyways. I was really upset when I found out and DH was a bit taken aback too. He became excited about this pregnancy much sooner than me. I'm still rather apprehensive and getting used to the idea of having two children a little less than a year and a half apart. But at the same time with them being so close in age they will probably play well together and there might be less jealousy issues.
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