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Re: Am a horrible person for not being thrilled about being pregnant?

If you do go check out the newborn threads don't be upset if you don't get excited. I had fun starting to build my newborn stash then quickly lost interest and was bored with it.... and i normallly love cd shopping! So very out of my character.

Also, i think it is very normal, especially with your 2nd pregnancy, to be feeling the way you are. You have been used to doting on your only child so the thought of having to share yourself and be spending much more of your time away from the one you know you love so much and spending it more on another baby you don't even know yet, is probably not exciting you much, and might even be making you a bit worried. Rest assured, you will fall in complete love with this one and won't mind sharing your time.

And nurse as long as you want. And if you don't want to tandem nurse then you can always wean shortly before the baby is due. I agree 100% with what most of the pp's said, and take one day at a time. You're feelings will likely change from day to day anyway ; )
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