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Re: anyone in 3rd trimester with a toddler?

Me, too... I'm 34 weeks with a very precocious 20 month old. Josie is very verbal and curious -- which is both adorable AND awful! She seems to have a new obsession every week (crayons, bubbles, going outside, etc.) and is like a broken record demanding more and more of her favorite thing. Sigh. I love that she's so spunky, but I wish that she didn't feel the need to have me glued to her side nonstop.

We're also in a major Mommy-only clingy phase -- so even when DH is home and tries to help, Josie often won't cooperate. And we haven't even hit 2 years old officially yet!

Crafty stay-at-home mom to Josie (3), Amelia (2), and another little sister on the way (8/10/10)!

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