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Re: Mom's of young teen girls.. need some advice..

I was an A cup and didn't wear a bra until I was in my late 20s. I also never talked to my mom about my period, because in my mind it wasn't really her business (and really it embarrassed her to have to talk about it anyway, so I just spared us both the annoyance), and, plus, she would tend to make a MUCH bigger deal about that kind of stuff than I thought the situation warranted (and tell the whole family and total strangers, etc).

Maybe a more hands-off, let it lie approach would help? It doesn't seem to me that either of these things are hurting her or you or your relationship, if you don't do anything more about it. Yes, I am sure it is hard to think she doesn't trust you, but she IS a teenager! Good luck, mama! I dread the teenage years ...
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