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Re: Mom's of young teen girls.. need some advice..

Originally Posted by *Alabamamom* View Post
My youngest dd will be 13 in July.. I have been trying to get her to wear a bra for 6 months.. since I've been asking her, she's been wearing jackets and sweaters trying to cover up her breasts, instead of wearing a bra or even a sports tank.. (she isn't huge chested mind you, she is probably a good 'A' now, but it's noticable not wearing bra) She will NOT talk to me about this. She gets upset and if I make her listen, she will cry. She refuses to wear anything, just these jackets to cover herself. She started doing this with the jackets at the end of last summer/early fall... This was after I told her on a few occasions to wear a bra or at least a sport tank under her shirts.. She is a very much a tomboy, so I'm sure these changes are sucky for her. I also discovered tonight that she has started her period.. I only found out by accident when coming across some of her laundry. (she insists on doing her own and left some in the laundry room) I just feel so hurt that my girl doesn't feel like she can talk to me about these things. My mom suggested I seek mental counseling for her.. and some times I wonder too.. (my mom has alzheimers so she tends to say hurtful things anyways) I remember in the 9th grade wearing jackets and baggy shirts to cover my chest, and I would go in the bathroom stalls at school to change because I was sooo shy.. but my problem was it seemed all the other girls were so busty, and I was flat as a pancake so I was really embarrassed.. I didn't have bra problems with my 17 year old, heck she wanted a bra in the 3rd grade! So, this is all new to me.. anyone go through this with their own kid, or even yourself??? I just don't know what to think or do about this..
I could have written this post myself. My almost 13 yr old went through the jacket to cover up her maturing breasts starting the end of last summer (we live on the east coast in NC) it's hot and humid here. She'd even zip the jacket all the way to the top then push the sleeves above her elbows.
However she's doing much better will wear a bra now and a tank top/camisole under her shirts.
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