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Re: Due Dates

According to YOUR best calculations, when is/was your due date?

What is/was the Doctor's EDD for you and how did they predict it? Wheel/Ultrasound? Based on my LMP I (am) due April 6th. Based on the date of conception ( which isnt too hard when you DTD 2 times that month both on O dates, lol) I am due April 6th ( yes..Sunday..this past sunday, lol)
I had an EARLY ultrasound & they decided I am due April 18th.. by that calculation I would have had to concieve 4 days before I got 6 positive tests.. 4 days before I tested I was WAITING to test b/c I knew we'd concieved!

Which do you go by? I believe I am over due right now, they believe I am not. I go by my dates. They're idiots, one doctor actuyally asked if I was POSITIVE I didnt have sex the last week of July??

When did you actually give birth, closer to your prediction or the Doctors?
I'm over due right now.. still waiting..that being said, I went 2 weeks over due with my first boy as well & he was an induction once I hit 42 weeks, so I am at my normal pace if you ask me!
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