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Re: Is your 1, 2 or 3 year old rear facing in the car?

Originally Posted by Shannon
I didn't even know that babies were supposed to be rear facing until 33 lbs. My 3 year old is just now 35lbs....I was really dumb with her though, I turned her forward facing at 8 months...Dh said it didn't matter. We were in a car accident at 11 months and she was fine...THANK JESUS!

With my Chloe, we turned her forward right around her 1st birthday. I thought they were supposed to turn then??? I've really never heard otherwise. I think my DH would think I've really lost it if I turned her back facing again.
In Michigan they drum it in your head that you cannot turn your baby around until they are 1 AND 20 lbs (you have to meet both criteria). You hear it from the ped, from the hospital, on the radio, etc... We turned our first when he was about 16 months and we went on vacation and it was a major PITA to do rear-facing in the taxis, friend's cars, etc, and when we got home, we just kept doing it.
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