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Re: This name for a girl?

SS, mama. My parents have a jack russel terrier named tucker. we call him the jack russel terrorist because he is so bad. I can't envision a sweet baby named tucker when all i can see is that demon-possessed devil-dog destroying everything in his path.
That said, naming the baby that u nurture it's whole life is such a personal thing, that u should never let anyone sway your decision(i did, and i regret it). It is only one of the countless decisions u will make on lo's behalf that nobody has the authority to say ys or no about, kwim?
So, if u name him/her Tucker, that baby is so special and so loved that nobody's opinions will matter, and as far as johnson being the last name, kids r going to find something to tease other kids about, whether it b their last name, the clothes they wear, grades, braces............
Goodluck picking out baby's name. I know it's tuff. We're doing that right now, too.
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