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Re: Is your 1, 2 or 3 year old rear facing in the car?

Originally Posted by hockeymom6201
I turn my guys around when theyre legs are up against the seat , my first baby used to flip his car seat over from pushing against the seat .. I think that is more unsafe ,lol.
Wow I have never heard of a tightly installed seat flipping because a child was pushing their feet against the seat. I bet you were shocked when he did that!!!

In regards to the height limits in rearfacing. I am a certified child passenger safety technician. I have conducted many car seat checks. We get certified by the national highway traffic safety administration and Safekids usa. NHTSA is the agency responsible for setting the crash standards in both vehicles and in how child seats are manufactured. They say the child's head should not be more then an inch from the top of the seat in a rearfacing child seat (infant or convertible). I think I will follow their advice. The shell of the seat is there to protect the babies head, especially in rearfacing where it is absorbing all of the crash forces (instead of babies spine). I want my child completly encompassed in that shell as is recommended. If a parent came through a check that i was at and the child's head was less then an inch from the top, we would not be allowed to let that child leave without a)giving them a seat with a higher shell, or b) advising the parent that the child is in danger and having them signing a release acknowledging they are aware of that fact...Or if the child was over one year and over 20lbs, they can legally ride ff, although we do not recommend them to do so.
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