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Angry Love the advice (sarcastic)

So I mentioned to a certain person about trying the formula and Lilly throwing up 3 times from less than 2 ozs. I said I would not be giving her anymore of that, she obviously has a sensitive stomach and mamas milk is best. This person actually said I should still give formula in case there is ever a time where it's needed ut to water it down. WTH?? One, why would it be needed if my milk is fine and two watering down formula??

Another wonderful comment ~ I am at the mall sitting on a bench feeding Lilly and an elderly woman comes up and says there is a time and place for that and in public is not one of them. Hello?? Babies got to eat.

My dh ~ I went out to lunch with him yesterday. Getting on the elevator he says "did you bring a bottle?", um, no. He siad well lts just grab Subway and eat in my office then. He is embarrassed that I fed Lilly at breakfast the other day (covered up I might add).

Why are people so against it? Iget these aweful dirty looks all the time and since I am modest I am covered, what's the big deal. It's natural, deal with it.
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