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Re: Love the advice (sarcastic)

You know its kind of funny but I get way more dirty looks and stuff when I cover up then when I dont. Its because if I cover up its obvious what I am doing but if I dont it just looks like I am cuddling her to most people. You are doing what is best, don't let other people get you down.
Something about a baby being involved lowers peoples inhibitions and they just open their mouth and spit out whatever innapropriate thing they can think of. I dont think some people really think it through, (they dont even stop to consider where you SHOULD nurse only where you shouldnt because if they did they would realize there is no where "private" to nurse in public places).
As far as your husband goes, it sucks he isn't being supportive, but I bet the more you do it he will gradually become desensitized to it and be ok with it.
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