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Re: Mom's of young teen girls.. need some advice..

I had one other thought.
Is she excited over going shopping with anyone? Maybe a cousin or an aunt 0 someone that is older? If so then I would let them go together and maybe try and find something - I personally think she's just embarrassed to talk with you about it for whatever reason. I also got that book the Care & Keeping Of You and my oldest (12) carried it and may still carry it around like it's a bible. She also keeps a pad in her purse but I'm not suppose to know it. I do think that I'll have to just 'find out' that she's had her period for the first time though - I don't think she'll tell me.

What is your daughter using for her periods - yours? Hopefully she isn't using tissue (like my good friend did - for years!) because THAT could cause an accident (which would only mortify her more!)
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