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Re: Love the advice (sarcastic)

I have the opposite problem. When Aidan was born we had a ton of problems: tongue tied, allergic reactions I had, didnt gain back birth weight. Anyway, I had to do some supplementing with formula but I still bf. We were at a mcdonalds in KC for a trip and I was feeding him with a bottle and I had on a BF'ing advocacy shirt when a woman came by and said "you really should try bf'ing"...

then a couple of weeks later we had Aidan at a plastic surgeon appt and my husband was feeding him a bottle and a woman and her two kids came in and the little girl said "look he is eating" and the woman said "Oh, its a bottle" the funny thing is: I AM BREASTFEEDING!!!! just had to do a little supplementing and we are trying to wean him to bm exclusively now but Im having to build back up my supply. Some people are sooo rude...
Jen H.
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