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Re: Do you make up a birth plan?

I had one prepared for my hospital birth, my OB approved it and the first 4 hours of my labor in hospital went exactly as I wanted. The lights were low, I was on hands/knees with hubby performing counterpressure on my back labor, and I had the ultimate freedom and privacy. My doc was called away right before I started pushing, and his replacement never bothered to read the birthplan. The nurses changed shifts and the new one didn't read either, and I ended up pushing on my back, and having a tear which the doc nicely added an extra stitch to "for the husband."

This is a big part of why I went to unassisted home birth. I know everything is done the way I would want it, and only true complications interfere with my birth, not fear of litigation or golf tournaments or simple convenience to the doctor. I still was able to handle my own "complication," though.
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