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Re: Early Miscarriage signs (TMI)

Well I went to the Dr yesterday. He was thinking it was a fibrodic cyst. Ran some blood work and did an U/S and scheduled me to have a biopsie(sp) done in his office today at 10:30. He ran a urine pg test and nothing. So at this time he is not expecting me to be pg.

Well all was good untill 1:00 yesterday afternoon. He called and I am pg but we think miscarring it. He said that my levels were not all that he but we also thought that my last AF was 8/20 and actually it was 8/26 (thanks FF for keeping tract). Now the U/S showed a "sac" that measured 5w2d but it did not show a "double sac" like they are looking for. But the bright side of things is with my cycle being almost a week later than thought maybe the levels aren't so low. The bad thing is I am still bleeding slightly.

So now we are back to blood work at 8:30 this am. If that goes up than good if it doesn't well he will do a d&c.

I will let you all know this afternoon what is happening.
Thanks guys,
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