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Re: 1 year milestone!

My ds turned 1 a few weeks ago and I haven't got a clue how he'd manage if I weaned him - he nurses so often still! I think i'd be worried he'd starve!

Anyway, my dr (whose wife is my LC) said that often the easiest way to go about weaning is to wait for a nursing strike, and then drop feedings then - easier on the baby, anyway.

I know my ds, even when he asks to nurse, is old enough now that if I give him a drink or a snack, he is ok for a while (during the day - nothing but boobs will do at night). You may just be able to drop a single feeding at a time by replacing with a meal and drink.

I would imagine that if your ds is eating plenty of solids you could go ahead and diet while continuing to bf - it might reduce your milk supply some, but if he's eating plenty on his own, the nursing is just extra anyway.

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