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Re: More support please...

oh mama, my nipples hurt just thinking about this. I dont really know what to tell you. My DD didnt nurse very well the first few months, I found that switching possitions sometimes helped to relive some of the pain. What hold are you using? I started with the football hold and my midwife got me to change to the cradle and it helped a lot. You could try sitting him up to eat, it would put the pressure on a differant part of your nipple, or laying down. Have you tried to train his tounge? If I remember correctly with DD I had to put my finger in her mouth with the nail bed on her tounge, and when she started to suck I had to turn my finger upside down and push down on her tounge lightly. I also found that her latch got much better after I gave her a soother. I gave her one that looked like a finger, its a gerber something. I really hope this helps, I havent read your other posts so maybe you have tried all of these things. Good Luck mama, and pumping wouldnt be bad at all, just a lot more work. You could always try to re-introduce the breast after he is used to sucking and you have healed a bit...oh ya, one last thing, my nipples got better when i Quit using Lansinoh, so if your using lanoline try giving it up for a day and see. It didnt take long for me, maybe 2 feedings and I felt better.
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