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Re: Questions about thrush

You can still breastfeed, on both sides. The thing that will help the most is killing the excess yeast. You can talk to your doctor about what to try first - some will recommend an antifungal cream for you, and topical Nystatin for the baby. The key is, you must treat yourself and him, even if he doesn't show symptoms. Two weeks is the normal course for that kind of treatment, IIRC.

If you want to try something of shorter duration, but much messier, you can use gentian violet. Compounding pharmacies usually carry it.

I can't post links yet, but google "dr. jack newman gentian" to get to Dr. Jack Newman's GV instructions. His site also has great information on other treatments.

Also make sure you're washing your bras/pads in HOT water, preferably sunning them too (and your nipples, if you have a spot you can do it without being arrested!), and you need to boil pacis, bottle nipples, pump parts, and so on to kill the yeast regularly so you don't reinfect yourselves. Also avoid reusing towels after bathing.

I liked the GV option because it's faster. For the pain, IIRC, I took Tylenol and used cold compresses.

Thrush stinks, hang in there!
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