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Re: More support please...

The LC has been out 4-5 times and we've talked by phone 3-4 and quite frankly, she's baffled by him too. She's given me exercises to do with him (like the one described above), that haven't helped really at all. I called the LLL leader and she sent me some helpful info, but none of it really helped either. I just feel like I keep getting some really good info, but it just isn't getting better. I bought more bottles today just in case I have to go to all bottle feeding. I feel so defeated. I can't believe that on my last baby I'm having such problems. The other two weren't easy peasy, but NOTHING like this. I just wish I could see the light at the end of the tunnel you know. I feel like if I KNEW it was going to get better, then I could make it, just right now, I'm not seeing it getting better and that makes me want to quit.
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