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Re: Questions about thrush

I am the queen of thrush--had it for 6 months with dd1 and have it now with dd2. It really sucks! You can definitely still breastfeed--no need to supplement! I agree with pp that you need to both be treated even if your LO is not showing symptoms. I seem to be quite resistent to a lot of the treatments so I end up needing a scrip for oral diflucan, but they usually recommend other treatments first, like Nystatin or Gentian Violet (watch out--VERY messy!).

Some other things you can try: Grapefruit seed extract on your nipples; or rinsing your nipples in a solution of vinegar and water after feeding. I wear nursing pads all day and change them at every feeding so that my bras can last a little longer. Let your breasts air out as much as possible. Also after each feeding express some breastmilk and rub it all around your nipple and let it air dry--this is pretty soothing and also helps heal them. And definitely start taking probiotics--acidophilus is the most commonly available. Or you can eat a lot of yogurt. HTH
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