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Re: which pump is better?

I have a PISA, and I love it. Start to finish 10-15 min (depends on how slow I am to wash my parts after I'm done). I've tried the manual pump that came with it, and dread to ever need to use it. I love the letdown feature of the electric. you just sit back for a little break and let the pump do all the work!

Sometimes insurance will cover all or most the cost of an electric pump if you need it due to "medical necessity". Some nice OB's will write you a script for it, reasoning, you bf your dc, and you have to go back to work, therefore, having a good electric pump is a medical necessity...

If stomaching the $200-300 pricetag is too much, you could try to calculate out how much formula you would be using while you were at work, to see if it would be worth it for one child. That's always an eye opener.
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