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C-section and b-fing getting nervous help !!!!!

Well, I had my heart set on a VBA2c but it isn't going to happen (dissapointment #1) but my c-section is scheduled for tuesday. I have had horrible time w/ b-feeding in the past with my other 2. I mean it was a real horrible experience but I REALLY REALLY want to make it work this time around. I always thought of the c-sections as part of the problem because I am just in so much pain, so now I am super nervous already going into this. Please offer me some advise anything. I already find myself picturing the worst case senerio and keep telling DH we should pick up some fomula just in case. I will have 3 kiddos to take care of by myself( Dh has to go back to work a few days after I get home) and my oldest also has special needs so I already feel overwhelmed. I want to get a good pump so that at least I have that comfort of knowing I can always pump out my BM for baby (that is what I did for a while with DS#2) but we are on limited funds. I guess maybe I just need to vent, becasue as it apporaches I am getting more scared and doubtful of myself ( I have no supportave people around except DH) and I really want b-feeding to work !!! I never had the chance to get to a LLL meeting before this guy too so I am upset about that.
thanks for listening and any advise
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