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Re: Why was my reply deleted in a thread?

Originally Posted by Deanner03 View Post
It was my thread she posted to. I ASKED her about a larger size, she replied that she was in the process of making it. Not spam, IMO. I pme'd the mod, and she'd posted that it was spam, then removed her own post. I think the posts should have been put back (she deleted one of my posts, too)

ETA: the mod pm'ed me back, and said she wasn't sure (hence the deleting of her own post), and would check with admin.
The best thing to have done, is to have pm'd Kim directly since you knew her screen name and could have gotten your question answered. And then she could have replied however she wanted to, to your inquiry without having "questionable" spam posts. Its the same thing that should be done in the craft chat show and tell. You can ask the mama's questions, but if you are interested in purchasing info, then you should pm them.
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