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Re: C-section and b-fing getting nervous help !!!!!

Hi Mama!
This is a great thread! I had my first dd c-sec due to breech and found out after her birth that she has a serious genetic disorder, so probably was the best thing for her to be born that way. I pumped bm for her for about a month, but with no support (hadn't joined LLL yet) and her being exclusively tube-fed, I gave up on bfing.

This second time, I really wanted a VBAC, but since I hadn't gone to a LLL mtg yet and met the wonderful, knowledgeable mommies there, I chickened out and told the doc to do another section at 38 wks. (You know, all the terrible risks to the baby/momma during a VBAC...)
I didn't have the worst birth experience, but there were some trying things that could have derailed our bfing experience, but I was determined to make it work, and you can too!

First off, dd was 8 lbs and her sugar was slightly low, so they had their excuse to give her a bottle of formula. So by the time I finally got to really hold her---5 hours later--- she was konked out and not interested in bfing.
Since I had pumped for my first daughter, I took my Medela mini electric out of my bag and started pumping for 15 mins each side. I had the nurse bring her into my room for each feeding that night, I would try to nurse her, but would ultimately end up giving her a bottle, then pumping for 15 mins each side again. The morning after birth, a wonderful nurse came in and said "don't worry about supplementing, let's just nurse her every 2 hours from now on." I got baby to latch on properly, with her help, and she never touched formula again! She did lose weight, almost a pound those first few days! However, I took her to the peds office at two weeks to see if she had regained her birthweight and she had. We never looked back!

I still pump at work once a day so she'll have one bottle of ebm while I'm at work, and I totally love my PISA (I have a Harmony for backup).

Sorry so long winded, but I think what I am trying to say is that even if something happens and you don't get the baby to your breast for even 24 hours or more after birth, YOU CAN STILL BREASTFEED IF YOU WANT TO BAD ENOUGH! You can, and will, establish a good nursing relationship after you get home in a few days, and then the c-section won't seem like such an obstacle anymore!

PS: My baby is now almost 13 mos and still LOVES her nee-nee! She talks a little now, and often tells me "Yum!" after she pulls off the breast! That's all the thanks I need!
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