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Re: Why was my reply deleted in a thread?

Originally Posted by Harmony96 View Post
I'm confused too, sometimes. One way that I know of to be super-safe in this is to put the answer in a PM. I think that one of the reasons answers like you had given COULD be considered spam is if they start to overrun a thread... like the recipient comes in and raves about a GoogleZazz Product, and the GoogleZazz WAHM comes in and says thanks, then all the rest of the posts are people asking GoogleZazz questions about when will she have this size and does she have that color and how much is this item and how often does she stock and does she take RME and where's the link to her store and can she make a boyish style, and then GoogleZazz answers all of them publicly in the thread. Nothing "technically" wrong there, but maybe someone who's a little but who had bought a GoogleZazz product in the past comes along this thread, sees that it has a couple dozen replies, and gets excited b/c she likes her GoogleZazz product and wants to see how other people are liking theirs, and share her experiences w/ them too. Instead, she finds just one rave-y post and then a bunch of talk about the GoogleZazz store and she gets sad and annoyed at all the "almost" spam.

Does that make any sense at all or was it just kind of rambly?
so if im understanding this, and it is quite possible im not, but it *sounds* like a WAHM could be accused of spam depending on what questions other members ask in a thread not even started by the WAHM?
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