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Re: Why was my reply deleted in a thread?

Originally Posted by topazdodge View Post
Well, since we're heading in a different direction with this discussion now, I have a couple things to add.

I come to DS to talk about diapers and other things in life too. But here on DS I can find other people who are interested in cloth diapers. I don't think that wahms should feel like they can't talk about the stuff they make with other DS members on general threads. I know that sometimes there is a fine line between spam & just regular chat and that it's easier to just draw a clear line instead of trying to determine whether things are spam on a case by case basis. But I don't think we should have super strict rules about "spam" that end up restricting wahms from discussing their products with others on the regular threads instead of just in pms.

Diapers are interesting. Well, at least to us (the general DS population), and I don't want to feel like we have to walk on egg shells and feel like we're doing something wrong by just talking about diapers with a wahm on a public thread. I mean, isn't that what we all come here for?

And I really hope there's nothing wrong with people doing raves and posting love for their favorite wahms. I have my favorites and I give them a shout out every chance I get. I don't think of this as spam, I think of it as sharing information about great diapers with other DS mamas. Again, this is a big part of what I come to DS for and it keeps me coming back to DS.
I so agree with you 100%
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