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Re: Why was my reply deleted in a thread?

Originally Posted by Harmony96 View Post
First paragraph... definitely. I mean, even in Craft Chat, WAHMs are allowed to post their creations, even yet-to-be-sold creations... just so long as the when/how/why/where of the selling part is kept on the downlow.

Second paragraph... spam is self-promotion, so any random user is completely welcome to post raves about their favorite WAHM, since the random user is a third-party and doesn't benefit financially from posting about the WAHM.

That particular post really is borderline spammy. "A" was just casually talking about the stocking, not really actively asking the WAHM if she'd have a 12-months or saying she was ISO a 12-months (she said that she's on the wagon even). Like see the difference between the above and this one:

Random Poster: That set is so pretty, but it's too big for DD. Do you have plans for a 12-month size?
WAHM: Yes, PM me for more info.
Random Poster II: OOooh I want a 12-month size, too... I'm PMing you too.

That's not spam.

Random Poster: Look at this set that I got from GoogleZazz! I really love how those ruffles are tiered like that.
GoogleZazzWAHM: Thanks. I made a few of these sets for DD and am glad that others are liking them too.

That's not spam either.

Random Poster: That set is so pretty, but it's too big for DD. Do you have plans for a 12-month size?
WAHM: Yes, in that fabric and then in this other fabric too. And I'm also going to do an 18-month size on April 29, then in May I'll have lots of boy stuff coming out.

That's an obvious example, but you can see that it's spam.

WAHMs may answer direct questions asked of them on the thread. That's not spam. It becomes spam if they give a bunch of extra information, or even IMO if they respond to a comment w/ info about their stocking/sales/etc rather than respond to a question.

I agree.
However, said post didn't mention a date or anything, just that she was planning on making them. So essentially, she did not spam, did she?

SideNote: I think this spam rule on DS is way too harsh. How is this helping WAHM's at all. Isn't this site supportive of it's WAHM's, too. Tell me if I'm reading this wrong, but here's how I interpret the no spam(self-promotion) rule. This is DIAPERSWAPPERS, must keep all business on DiaperSwappers. to have members leave to go purchase diapers elsewhere, especially if you didn't buy ad space on diaperswappers is frowned upon because essentially, business(i.e. $$) is leaving DS and going elsewhere, even though both of these are great members and continue to do their business on DS as well.
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