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Re: One sided feeding

There is no reason your baby can't nurse on just one side! Your body is miraculous in that it responds naturally to what your baby is "telling' it. You will make enough milk from one breast for your baby, as long as he keeps asking for it. If you don't want the other side to stop producing, just pump. Try offering him the side he doesn't like sometimes and see if he changes his mind. It could be that he is uncomfortable lying on that side (maybe a mild ear infection in that ear?), or he just might not like the way it lets down, or that way it feels in his mouth, or he can breathe better in the other position, whatever. Does he take a bottle? You can either freeze the milk for bottles or you can donate it to a milk bank for babies whose mommies cannot bf. Rest assured, he is draining the breast he is nursing from and getting all the good stuff to keep him healthy and growing!
Think about mommies of twins. Their babies only nurse from one side, becuase there is one mouth for each breast! And they are just fine. HTH and good for you for sticking with bf'ing your picky eater!
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