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Re: Why was my reply deleted in a thread?

Originally Posted by Harmony96 View Post
Random Poster: That set is so pretty, but it's too big for DD. Do you have plans for a 12-month size?
WAHM: Yes, in that fabric and then in this other fabric too. And I'm also going to do an 18-month size on April 29, then in May I'll have lots of boy stuff coming out.

That's an obvious example, but you can see that it's spam.

WAHMs may answer direct questions asked of them on the thread. That's not spam. It becomes spam if they give a bunch of extra information, or even IMO if they respond to a comment w/ info about their stocking/sales/etc rather than respond to a question.
I do see where it could be a problem if abused. What doesn't sit well with me though is that is seems like the wahm has to be so incredibly careful about what she can & can't talk about for fear of it being too close to the spam line. For instance in a thread that was started by a random user about her love for a certain wahm's products, wouldn't that be an OK place to discuss what where when why & how (in general, not necessarily as part of a specific purchase transaction)? It seems like a wahm could only answer questions if a question is posed and phrased just a certain way. How many times do we see typos, incorrect grammar, and just poor writing skills on DS? It doesn't seem feasible to think that people will know exactly what questions they can ask to get the information or to facilitate discussion without a list of what questions a wahm is allowed to answer with specifics & discuss.

Also, I'll use the gms as an example. There have been some late night chat threads that Suzanne took part in. There was discussion back & forth about gm diapers. People made suggestions, S chatted back with random users about what was going on, what they liked & didn't like about the dipes, what was in store for the future, just general chat stuff revolving around this particular diaper. Did I think it was spam? Absolutely not! I thought it was a wahm getting a better feel for what people want & being open to 2 way communication. IMO that is one of the biggest things that makes a doing business with a wahm soooooooooo much better than a large company. That personal touch & ability to communicate with the general population of customers that just isn't possible with large companies.

Now one would think, well maybe this kind of thing should be going on in a specific blog or chat room if there are a lot of people wanting to talk about certain diapers & share comments/info/chatting with other random people & a wahm about that wahm's products. That has occurred to me, but it doesn't seem feasible again (hey, I'm actually remembering big words again, I am reclaiming my brain from 4 yo/lizard/dinosaur/baby-land). I don't think that it would work to have separate places to go that are only dedicated to chat about that wahm, for instance Fussybutt, GM, Ahmay, Baby Bear, Mutt Baby, etc. That would be nice, but we want to talk about all different kinds of things including wahms like above. So enter DS, right?
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