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Re: Why was my reply deleted in a thread?

Originally Posted by Kimbellishments View Post
I'm still confused. I'm sorry if anyone is upset that I am confused, and it DOES NOT mean that I think the mods/admins are doing a bad job, seriously I appreciate all the hard work here, THAT SAID, I think that if a mama makes a rave post about a wahms product and it says, darn it, not my kiddos size, I hope you make one in my kiddos size. And the Wahm replies, Well I will be making that size mama, get ready to fall of the wagon. I don't think that is spam, that is ASKING for the info. It was NOT a transaction it was a general question. Why should other wahms be allowed to reply to threads like that. And gosh there are 5+ page long threads on WAITING for stockings for certain wahms, then even the wahm gets on and sometimes SAYS WHEN and WHAT she is stocking.

I just want to be clear on the rules, that is all. I think the line is blurred and mods/admin are not really on the same page with this. And again, this is NOT a mod/admin bash, I just TRULY am confused as to what I did wrong. That is all.
I concur! The mods are doing a great job, but the rules on spam are just confusing.... maybe the rules should say "no talking about your products at all unless it's in the WAHM forum or via PM" that would be clear and then all the WAHM wouldn't be afraid to post in regular forums anymore. Honestly, I'm afraid to post these days.......
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