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Originally Posted by sarahannecloud9 View Post
We did all of our own foods. I used the blender, put in ice trays and when completely frozed I put them in a big zip lock. 1 bag for each flavor, like spinich, carrots, pumpkin, chicken, ect. If it's to runny just add a dash of your choice of baby cerial to the blender. I had sooooo much fun. Then just thaw for like 15 sec????? or something in the micro at dinner. I used the avent cups witht he little blue lids to take the food on outings. They are the toss breast milk storage containers. Worked like a charm. Lord i miss those days!
I use the avent cups too! Haha! I haven't used my breastpump a day so I thought I would get some use out of the cups. They work great.
I do not use a microwave and do not own a microwave.. I heat some of the precooked food in a small saucepan until hot and then mix with the rest of portion of cold food, so it comes out nice and warm and there is no waiting time. Just be careful what you start with. We are big into the squashes and green veggies. A banana w. some rice cereal. I do not make my own cereal, but I buy organic rice cereal that I trust. It is also good to thicken purree if it's too thin.
Good luck! It is really fun once you start.

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