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I don't buy commercial cereal, organic or not. For some reason it seems to be drained of it's fiber content and just blocks babies up. Plus I think rice cereal is nutritionally inadequate for little tummies.

Making barley or oatmeal is very easy, just just toss some in the blender or food processor and grind it up until it's powdery-semi chunky. The barley is a lot harder to grind up than the oatmeal, so save the barley for older babies. Then you mix it with boiling water until it's soft and tender. water/cereal proportions are 2/1. So you have 1 cup ground oats, mix with 2 cups boiling water. I add in breastmilk to thin it back out because it gets really thick, but you can just use extra water. I tend to make about 4 cups of cereal at a time and freeze it.
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