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I was so irritated

At dd's four month check up (I'm still worked up 3 months later) they call us in at the pedi's and go over what they're doing and all that for the appointment and then hand us our sheet on this visits developmental milestones that should be met. One of the items was "gleefully acknowledges bottle." At the time, I was mildly irritated but the more I thought about it the angrier I got. My baby is breastfed and yes she gleefully acknowledges her "milkies", not a bottle. I thought it should have said gleefully acknowledges feedings or bottle / breast. I was so ticked I called to speak to someone about it. I felt that as a pedi they should recommend bf'ing as much as possible. The person I spoke too thought I was an idiot and said they just order the handouts in bulk and don't write them up themselves. Ugh! Would you have been ticked too or am I too oversensitive?
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