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Re: I was so irritated

yeah i noticed that and it's annoying.....and i let it roll off my aura ....

a kind of acquaintance said to me when DS was about 5 mths old (they have a DS 1mth younger) "Is he holding a bottle?" and i said "No" and she looked at me like and said "oh our son does"... ok... So i look at her and said, well he CAN hold anything in his hands and switch it from hand to hand BUT he is bf so he doesn't hold BOTTLES...

funny she still seemed to not get it, as if my son was missing some amazing milestone ...Ummm sorry IMO holding a bottle while i watch him eat ... no thanks, i'll skip that "milestone" kwim??

so anywho ... i hear ya it can be annoying. I have nothing against bottle feeding persay but it's not for us ~~ every now and then i may pump but the bottle of breastmilk becomes a toy because DS will only take his "nay-nay" from the tap

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