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Re: heres another question? medicated or non medicated birthing?

I highly recommend Natural Birth the Bradley Way by Susan McCutcheon. Teaches you everything you need to know to work WITH your body during labor instead of against it. We actually work against our uterus when we tense up during a contraction. That is actually where most of the sensation of pain stems from during childbirth. I have had two epidural births that were by no means painless and a natural one after reading this birth that I would say was virtually painless. It was awesome and I agree with other women that labor is a sensation that you know is purposeful and good while pain or discomfort from disease and sickness is not. It's a lot easier to relax after reading the book and knowing that labor is natural and normal. Research and preparation is key to preparing to have a natural childbirth that will be rewarding. You can probably find this book at your local library or on Amazon cheap. Not to be confused with Lamaze. Totally different and most of those births go med. heavy. Best Wishes.
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