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Re: heres another question? medicated or non medicated birthing?

Everyone says, "this or that is as bad as childbirth" but really, I don't think so. I haven't had appendicitus, but I had a kidney infection that involved hunching over like that, and IMO, unmedicated birth went way better than that. Yes it hurts, but *pain* doesn't kill you, the pain itself doesn't hurt you, it just points to an underlying condition...I think the problem is that we fear pain, and usually it is indeed a warning that something is wrong, like your appendix or kidney is swollen, please go get help now, etc. But in birth, it is just pain, just discomfort, just a part of the normal experience of birth, to be expected, it's just a sign that you are in labor now...

If you've ever had bad constipation/diarreha/gassy cramps, you know how it hurts to push a bowel movement, but you know that you will feel better once you get it out of your system? So you have to push whether you like it or not...IMO, birth is similar to that. It can be excruciating in the moment, but you just do what you need to do, in short spurts.

I did wimp out during my first birth because I left the door open..."I hope to avoid med, but I will get an epi if I can't handle the pain." Well, define "can't handle." If you are so tense because of fear of the pain that you cannot dialate fully, then ok, maybe after a point that situation would qualify as "can't handle" the pain, and an epi might actually help. But when my nurses asked me in the midst of transition whether I "needed" an epidural, I thought (in a totally undefined way) maybe I couldn't handle it afterall...but I was still dialating and still lucid, so obviously I *was* "handling" the pain. Just because it still hurt didn't mean I wasn't surviving it. You "handled" your appendicitus pain for 12hrs. You hurt, but you put up with it. You couldn't make it go away, but you put up with it. In birth, the most intense pain is transition. If you just put up with it until you get past transition, pushing isn't quite so bad. You get to rest between attempts. And then it's over, and you have a baby to adore.

FTR, I was a lot more relaxed for my 3rd birth, the one I did unmedicated, and because of being able to relax about it, I actually walked into the hospital still smiling and laughing...the nurses thought maybe I was in early labor or having a false alarm because I was too happy to be in serious labor...I was at a 10!!! And ds was born within the hour, with 2 pushes. Those two did hurt rather sharply, and I moaned a bit waiting for them to take their stupid 20 minutes of electronic monitoring, but being calm and letting it out vocally really helped, as did the warm shower I had at home before coming. Afterward, I felt pretty good, and my recovery was faster than when I had the epi for dd.

Oh, and with dd's epi, I did tear, and it wore off before the stitching. Yeah, so I got all the negatives and did not even get the benefit of not feeling the stitches...which if I hadn't had an epi, they would have been more careful to numb me.
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