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Re: WHY?!

Originally Posted by imamama3 View Post
Sorr you're having such a tough time! D oyou wear a clean bra every day? Do you use a clean towel after every shower? I did this when bfing all of my babies and - knock wood - no thrush yet!
No I only have 2 bra's that fit me And I don't have time to wash towels everyday but I'll work on it.

Originally Posted by flobee76 View Post
Hey mama- some are just prone to candida. Have you tried a candida cleanse? Also, I would suggest (if you haven't already started) to take probiotics and GSE and eat PLAIN yogurt sweetened w/ UNREFINED sweeteners or unsweetened applesauce.

Also, yeast (as in bread) doesn't cause yeast. It's the refined sugars and flours (white sugar & white flour)that can cause yeast.

If you can't stay away from sweets, stick w/ unrefined sweetners like honey, rapidura or sucanat, molasses, or fruit.
Thanx momma! I'm going to get some probiotics asap!

Originally Posted by amybabya View Post
Cut back on sugars and take acidophilus or eat yogurt on a regular basis. Are you taking an antibiotic? If so, eat yogurt 2x a day. That is what I do. Also, if you can, go braless as much as possible till you stop getting it. My boobies donít leak so I can do that.
mine just started leaking again but ill do the braless thing

Originally Posted by lydiamom View Post
oh mama i'm right there with you! I had it for 6 months with dd1 and got it 2 weeks ago with dd2. it really sucks!! if you find a miracle cure/prevention, clue me in!
im sorry momma, that really sucks! i hope yours gets better soon
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