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Re: Breastfeeding-- Need Support Mommas :(

Hi mama,

I feel your pain. It took me three weeks of doing what you're doing to get my dd going with nursing. (and I mean 3 consistant WEEKS). My lactation consultant finally told me (when I called her crying during the 3rd week, because dd was still not really getting it all the time yet) that "she may never take to nursing" and I could just give up if I wanted.
Fortunately for me, dh was VERY supportive and told me to keep trying & she'd get it and she did! She is now champion nurser of the world at 27 months.
The other people had some great ideas for you, and really all I can offer is that it WILL get easier. Just keep putting that bubby to the breast and it will happen. I remember how frustrating it is, and really just try to remember this WILL pass. It helped me to imagine a time in the future when it would be relaxed and effortless (and we DID get there!)
Keep asking for support and help! Feel free to pm with questions or just to vent. One of the most valuable resources I had in my difficult 3 weeks was other mamas who had been there, cheering me on and encouraging me to not give up. I would be more than happy to be your cheerleader.

Take care, mama, try to rest as MUCH as you can. I know recovery from a c is so difficult in itself (I also had one). Getting the rest you need will make all the difference in your ability to reason your way through this. Rest rest rest mama!
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