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Re: Breastfeeding-- Need Support Mommas :(

Also remember that its not an all or nothing thing. Every bit of mommy milk that she gets helps her out. It's best not to give formula until your milk supply is established (usually about a month), but if it's the only way it works for the two of you, then it's the way it works. When I was a baby I got one bottle of formula a day while my mom worked since breast pumps were not as readily available then as they are now.

Another thought to try, when we supplemented my LO at the beginning, we always did it at the breast with a feeding syringe. That way she got food while at the breast (good reinforcement) and the breast got stimulated to help with supply. A SNS would be a better long term solution, but if it's just for awhile to help your LO get started the syringe will work. For my LO the first few supplements were formula, but once I was able to pump some the supplements were mommy milk or mommy milk followed by formula (if I hadn't pumped enough for the amount of supplement they wanted me to give her).

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