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The only thing that has worked for us is hitting it hard all at once--
no sugar or wheat (or at least as minimal as possible...for example, I ate lots of oatmeal, which is usually out for someone with a gluten allergy, but close enough to gluten-free for thrush)
lots of probiotics
something topical (gentian violet or monostat...nystatin is a joke)
diflucan for 2 and all nurselings (even if someone is asymptomatic, treat everyone together for the same duration!)
and yes, a clean towel and bra...I bought a pack of men's white Hanes t-shirts/undershirts that I could wash with the towels, and just wore those braless at home

grapefruit seed extract is another option orally. Oh...disinfect your own toothbrush while you're at it.

also, try's good info there
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