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Re: my Dh and extended BF

DS was 3 in March and is still going strong. He just love nursing. Extended BFing does have great benefits. It provides immunities to flu, cold and other communicable things. DS just doesn't get sick like my other 2 or my friend's children. He may catch a little cold, but he's able to fight it quickly and effectively. When oldest DD was in preschool she never caught the things that the other kids did. She never got rotavirus, chicken pox (even though I put her in the tub w/her infected cousin), foot and mouth, nothing! Even now she rarely gets sick. In fact, I couldn't give that kid the pox until she was 6!

In contrast, I had to wean DD #2 at 18 months because I became pg and it was soooo painful. Her immunities are just not like the other two!
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