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Re: Does he need milk now that I'm pregnant?

I asked our pediatrician about this (earlier on in my pregnancy - probably at ds's 15 month appt?)
He said to watch his diaper output and as long as he has 5 wet diapers in a day he was getting enough liquid/milk. We did end up introducing cow's milk, probably around the beginning of the second trimester. At that point, he would maybe end up having about 8 oz. of cow's milk per day - the rest must have been made up for with my milk.

Now that he is weaned from bf'ing (and even before he fully weaned but was down to nursing only once per day for a few minutes) - he consumes about 16 oz. of cow's milk each day, and also some water - maybe 4-8 oz? We don't do juice.

He is 30 lbs. and 36 inches tall, and a supersoaker!
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