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Re: Is anybody night-weaning?

We started weaning from it all when I found out I was preggo (dd was then 10 months old and we started with day time around 1 year) the same time we were moving dd out of our bed into her own, in her room (she was too restless, noisy, etc and my growing belly couldn't take it). I didn't push her past what she was comfortable with, so now, at 18 mo, she is weaned (going on one week). My advice is to substitute lots of loving and hands on time when you would have otherwise been nursing. Also, special snacks! Dd used to want to nurse after a nap, so we had pudding instead, or something else "rich" and "sweeter" to substitute. I was also willing to take steps back if needed, ie teething, colds, whatever. For night I did LOTS of Pantley's suggestions (PPO, music, rocking, rubbing back) to get her back to sleep when she woke, so that she was down to nursing to sleep. Then as she started nursing but not going to sleep and rocking to sleep, I cut down on her latch-ons. She was one for latching on for 15 seconds, then off, then on, then off... I told her she had 3 times, then was all done. Gradually (probably 3 weeks or more) I told her 2 times, then one. Then she started to ask, almost latch on, look at me funny, poke me, and giggle. Then she pulled down my shirt and say "all done". Now she doesn't even ask to nurse anymore. Oh yeah, that's another advice...when you are comfortable with it, try "don't offer but don't refuse". I noticed that as I stopped offering, she nursed less often.
Good luck! I know the pain, frustration, is bittersweet, but I'll be honest in saying I am glad that I have my breasts to myself for a few weeks before I will be nursing again. hehe.
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