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Re: cosleeping: how do yo wean them???

WE cold-turnkey kicked #1 out one day. She was (and still is) a horribly restless sleeper, takes up the whole bed, talks in her sleep..oh, it was horrible!!! But, mind you, she was about 4 or so. One day I went out and bought a new bed ( a "big girl" bed), set it up in her room, and said, you need to sleep in here because I haven't slept in four years (I as also 7 months preggo lol). She cried for about 10 seconds, until she realized that if she slept in her own room, she could sneak books under the covers and pretend to be sleeping #2 left the bed about two months later ot join his sis, even though I was sad to see him go that soon. After a couple months he requested his own bed, so we got one and he stayed with his sis anyways She kicked him out about a year later, and he has slept peacefully in his own bed since. #3 is almost 3 1/2, and she sleeps literally on top of me most nights, although once in awhile she sleeps with her big sis. I don't really know how to wean them, they seem to sleep where they need to. I think that #1 was probably ready since she didn't throw a fit about it. #2 left on his own. #3, well, I think she'll sleep with me forever if I let her, but she's a peaceful sleeper and I don't mind her in bed with me at all. So I guess I dont have any advice, except they do go eventually
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