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Re: What does back labor feel like? Seriously.

My back labor felt like hyper intense period cramps. I always hurt in my back with my cramps. It would come and go with the contractions, but it was absolutely unbearable during active labor unless hubby was doing counter-pressure right on my lower back. (His arms were shaking after 4 hours of helping me.) As long as he did the counterpressure, my labor was pain free!

My second back labor wasn't as bad, I was in a birth pool and did pelvic rocking to get the baby to turn around. It was my easiest birth.

Also if you are in labor, the pain is so intense in your back, you don't notice the tightening in the belly. If you check your belly during the back pains and it's tight during the peak of the pains, you might be having back labor.
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