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Re: Labial Adhesions

Originally Posted by sharebear2u View Post
My girls haven't had this, but it came up recently when I was talking with my Mom. Apparently I had a problem from birth, but they didn't offer creams then and she was told to break it open with a Q tip!! She said I would cry and cry and she just couldn't do it. It came up becase a friend of hers' daughter just got married and they couldn't consumate the relationship because of similar problems down there and the girl, well woman need surgery! My Mom was curious if DH and I had problems since she didn't do it. LOL I said, well you know that we are expecting our 5 child. Don't you remember how they are made??

LOL that is very odd for an adult to have that. Normally the estrogen produced in puberty opens it up. The dr's options for me were to either let it go, manually open it, use premarin, or wait until it fused completely shut and have it surgically seperated...
I didn't want them manually doing anything and I wasn't going to wait around for it to fuse completely...I did the premarin as much as I hated the idea.
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