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Possible Allergy?

I believe my son may be having an allery issue. He has a red "ring" around his anus (in my book by Dr. Sears, he says its a sure sign of food allergies) and has been extremely fussy/gassy. He is EBF and 7 weeks old. There hasn't been any change in my diet, but I did have some milk 2 days in a row. (I don't usually drink milk) It wasn't day I had a small glass of milk (maybe 6 oz??) with some oreos and then next day I drank the milk out of my cereal. Can this minimal amount cause such a reaction? I eat dairy products yougurt, cheese, ice cream and up till now have had no problems, so could the milk really be the culprit? I guess I just need some help figuring out what it may be.
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