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Re: The Truth about the Pocket Diaper -great article

Originally Posted by bfoster2000
Now, here's a question for you...from what I've heard, there is a patent on the "Taggie" blanket as come nobody raises a fuss about that? In fact, I'm saying that I *heard* there is a patent but I haven't really found much info on it when I've looked because nobody cares. What's the difference on that one?
I have heard that as well and I have also heard that the owner of the Taggie patent has actually taken people to court for violating her patent. She even asks on her website to let her know if you see any copy-cat products.

Tereson has never taken anyone to court and there are a LOT of pocket diapers out there that are not licensed.

We think it is critical that our loyal customers fully understand that AUTHENTIC and ORIGINAL TAGGIES products can ONLY be purchased from either Taggies, Inc., from our licensed partners, or from the hundreds of authorized retailers and catalogs across the country and overseas that carry our unique items. (Please refer to our "Store Info." page for a complete list of retailers in your area and to our “Partners Page” for information on important licensing relationships). Our company, along with our valued licensed partners, is the only authorized producer of TAGGIES products. Our PATENTED TAGGIES products (see U.S. Patent No. RE38782) are completely safety tested and meet or exceed all applicable safety standards as set forth by the regulatory bodies in the United States, Canada, and in the parts of Europe and other countries where our products are sold.

At Taggies, Inc. we have literally spent hundreds of hours developing and testing our products since our company's birth. Our products are based in large part on our customers' direct feedback. This has created upscale children's items that are of the highest quality and craftsmanship while also meeting children's needs for sensory comfort and tactile and visual stimulation. This important company mission is ongoing - to continue to develop only safe and consumer tested products. We need all of our valued customers to be aware that our PATENT PROTECTION allows ONLY Taggies, Inc. and its partners to create these special products.

Any copies of TAGGIES products are in direct violation of patent, trademark and copyright law. These copiers currently are and will continue to be pursued. We greatly appreciate being made aware of such items. Not only are we at Taggies committed to protecting our intellectual property, but also want to ensure the safety of children everywhere. Please feel free to email us should you find any imitation versions of the TAGGIES line. In our appreciation of your notification of any product infringements that you may find, a donation of TAGGIES will be made to a charity. In addition, your first name and state of origin only will appear on our Random Acts of Kindness page as sincere recognition of your efforts
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