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Re: Highly Recommend Nature's Sunshine 5-W Herbal Formula

Originally Posted by kezoo View Post
Hmmm, so if my previous L&D was 5 hours, with only 2 pushes needed (and my mw is 45 minutes away), should I take it???

This is what I have to ask myself every time LOL! Thankfully my new midwife is much closer to methis time around. (40 minutes versus 1 hour 45 minutes)

My longest labor was 5ish hours and a sunny side up baby....last one was 1 hour 31 minutes..10.14 and I actually kept telling my DH *I* didn't have to push! I ended up pushing some right before DS crowned but it was all so fast I can't even remember how many times

I am still taking it this time but only a tiny bit! I am afraid to labor without it~
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